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A few snippets to what makes me me... I am a senior at the University of South Alabama. I married the man of my dreams on May 14, 2011. I plan on being a teacher and a learner in all aspects of the world.


Hey guys! You have come across my blog! This blog is for my EDM 310 class with Dr. John Strange at the University of South Alabama. I use it to post my assignments which include comments on various videos, podcasts, and other blogs from around the world! Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 11, 2010

Dr. Seuss-The Zax
This movie on Youtube is so true even though it is a cartoon! The South and the North going Zax are too stubborn to change and that is so true in so many people. The world will not stand still for you. You either accept the change and move side to side, or we will build an overpass to go around you.

The next video I watched made me cry. These children are so talented, and there is a reason their work is shared with the world! Students should share their work. It is so important to have an audience, in comments4kids assignments we have commented on children's blogs from around the world. Not only have I learned from them, but I have let them know that they are being heard. Kaia's blog is another success in which a three year old has shared what she has learned with the world. Outside of this class, I manage the bulletin board at my job, and we post progress reports, assignments, newspaper write ups and so much more of the students that are in our program. To  have that boost of confidence from seeing their hard work recognized helps keep them motivated in school, at home, and in the community. It is very important to share a students hard work because they are worth it. They deserve the worlds attention for what they have accomplished in or out of school.

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  1. Kia Ora Chelsie,
    Thank you for leaving Korobeau a comment on his post. We're still on holiday and the term starts on Monday and will show Korobeau his comment then. He will appreciate it a lot. Your blog looks great. I've never seen one with a search engine at the top before. All the best for the continuation of your studies.

    Miss Lavakula