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A few snippets to what makes me me... I am a senior at the University of South Alabama. I married the man of my dreams on May 14, 2011. I plan on being a teacher and a learner in all aspects of the world.


Hey guys! You have come across my blog! This blog is for my EDM 310 class with Dr. John Strange at the University of South Alabama. I use it to post my assignments which include comments on various videos, podcasts, and other blogs from around the world! Enjoy!

Friday, April 30, 2010

PLN Part 2

This semester I have been constantly meeting new people, visiting websites, and learning about technology that can be useful for me when I have my own classroom. At the beginning of the semester we began establishing our PLN, personal learning network. So far, I have used Skype, Facebook, and Twitter to keep and establish relationships between future teachers like me. Some more things I have added to my PLN is ACCESS and ALEX, which are websites dedicated to help further education on all kinds of topics. The Khan Academy is a website with tons of instructional videos that can be used as supplemental activities to any lesson. There also tons of educational blogs that I will continue to visit to see how present teachers are handling technology is their classes. I have been using Delicious to help keep track of all of the resources I find that will be useful to me in the future. A PLN is a great resource, and mine will continue to grow!

Comments4teachers Week 10 and 12

I commented on Beth Still's blog for weeks 10 and 12. She seems to be doing a lot for her community! Holding workshops for teachers helping them learn to connect with each other. I wish her the best of luck! Click here to visit her blog!

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 24, 2010

The video I watched on the 7th grade students PLE, personal learning environment, was astounding! The video was made and posted on Youtube. I wish I would have known about creating a PLE/PLN when I was in middle school. It would have made keeping up with research so much easier! Her PLE seem sto be very organized, and that is very important when creating your own PLE, I have come to find out...

Daniel Pink's video was really interesting!  It's hard to believe that only two questions can change your life, but these questions can. "What's your sentence, and was I better today than yesterday" are the life changing questions. It's hard to think about motivation, everything you want to accomplish, everything you have already accomplished and sum it up in one sentence. And, being motivated to be better today than you were yesterday is something to strive for in and of itself. That's an ongoing goal I think everyone should have! This short video has given me a lot to think about, and it is definitely worth the 2 minutes it took to watch. It is harder than it sounds to figure out the answers.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 18, 2010

This semester in EDM 310 has been nothing like I thought it was going to be. Many of the things we have done I have played around with before, but a few things I have become really fond of. One of those things is comments4kids. That is definitely my favorite part of this whole class. I looked forward to opening my Google Docs to see what child I would get to learn about this week. I hope to continue exploring class blogs and blogs in general to offer my comments because having an audience is so important, especially to children.

Comments4Teachers Week 13 and 14

For weeks 13 and 14 I commented on Jen Deyenberg's blog Trails Optional. Week 13's comment was on her post Teaching in the Caribbean 3.0. She is getting ready to travel back to Dominica this summer to help integrate the use of technology in to the classrooms. She will be there two weeks and  everyday has a packed schedule. It was very interesting to see and I'm glad she shared this experience with the world! The next post I commented on was on geocaching. I have heard of this before, but I didn't think people actually did it.  To see actual pictures and the enthusiasm she seems to have about this hobby was pretty spectacular. Maybe one day, I could find time to try it out for myself.

March 7, 2010

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture hit home. I have been going through a lot of medical issues right now, so it has taken me a while just to get through the fist 5 minutes without walking away from the computer. We teach our children through activities. An example Mr. Pausch gave was a "head-fake," we send our children out to play football, but what we really want them to learn is bigger than just the game. Another thing I really liked about his video was the reference to a brick wall, it isn't meant to keep you out, it is meant to keep out those who don't want it badly enough. He also worked on Aladdin which I find very exciting because I am a Disney fanatic! The end made me cry, I knew it was impossible to get through without crying, but the birthday dedication to his wife did it! What a great way to show how to take the focus off of you and pout it on to others. He gave great pointers on how to be a better person. It was definitely a great video!

Comments4kids Week 12

This week I listened to Kane's Mihi in Maori. This was also Kane's very first post for the year! He did a great job creating his Mihi, and I wish him the best of luck for the rest of the year.

Comments4kids Week 10

This week I commented on Bianca's reaction to the gift they sent to an American classroom that they have become friends with. They sent over a letter, a book, a Weet-bix box, and Australian flag for everyone in the class, and Vegemite. Mrs. Yollis' class created a video and sent it to 2KM to show their appreciation of the gift. It is so cool to see interaction between classroom across the world!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Project 8

Good luck on making your very own Jumping Frog Origami!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Project 14

I hope you enjoy our movie on all the cool things we have done in EDM 310!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 11, 2010

Dr. Seuss-The Zax
This movie on Youtube is so true even though it is a cartoon! The South and the North going Zax are too stubborn to change and that is so true in so many people. The world will not stand still for you. You either accept the change and move side to side, or we will build an overpass to go around you.

The next video I watched made me cry. These children are so talented, and there is a reason their work is shared with the world! Students should share their work. It is so important to have an audience, in comments4kids assignments we have commented on children's blogs from around the world. Not only have I learned from them, but I have let them know that they are being heard. Kaia's blog is another success in which a three year old has shared what she has learned with the world. Outside of this class, I manage the bulletin board at my job, and we post progress reports, assignments, newspaper write ups and so much more of the students that are in our program. To  have that boost of confidence from seeing their hard work recognized helps keep them motivated in school, at home, and in the community. It is very important to share a students hard work because they are worth it. They deserve the worlds attention for what they have accomplished in or out of school.

April 4, 2010

Dear Kaia: Mr. Chamberlain
This blog post is amazing! Mr. Chamberlain's class commented on Kaia's pictures. Kaia's father noticed them and decided to ask them to make a video instead. Kaia cannot yet read, and a video would be perfect for her to enjoy others excitement of viewing her pictures. If you would like to see Mr. Chamberlain's post on how he made the video to send to Kaia click HERE
Dear Kaia 
After reading Mr. Chamberlain's blog, I went to Kaia's blog post to see why his class made the video. Kaia's father decided to use their surroundings as an educational opportunity to teach Kaia about the world around her. They grabbed their cameras and went outside to take pictures of what they saw. Kaia then created her very first photo essay, which is very exciting! I really enjoyed seeing her pictures since we don't have that kind of environment here in Alabama. I love seeing new things and thanks to Kaia and her dad for taking the opportunity to share it with the world!

Intrepid Teacher: Singing Hearts
The next blog that is part of this assignment is Kaia's fathers blog. He writes about the experience of taking Kaia on her photography journey. It is exciting to see the connection made across the world through a blog post!

Parents do have to be careful about exposing their children on the internet, but it can be done. I believe Kaia's father took up the opportunity to have an educational experience and it has paid off. Not only will Kaia learn from taking part in this first hand, but the children in Mr. Chamberlain's class. I too have benefited from Kaia's experience. It helps to see success in blogging, and this will help when I introduce blogs to my future classroom.

The Curriculum Catalyst Update

My comments4teachers assignment from weeks 7, 8, and 9 is still ongoing. I am  participating in the Curriculum Catalyst and would like to give you an update on the previous topic winner Sealife. Here is the link to the Google document on Sealife.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Timetoast Timeline

I used Timetoast to create this timeline on Toyota Celicas, which is my dream car!

Survey: Are you musically inclined?

I created a survey using Google forms to ask my fellow classmates questions involving music. Take a look at the results!

Can you read music?
Can you play a musical instrument?
If so, how many?
4 or more
What type of instrument do you like to play or listen to?
woodwind (clarinet, flute, sax)
brass (trumpet, french horn, tuba)
strings (guitar, violin, bass)
percussion (drums, bells, piano)
If you play an instrument, how often do you play?
every day
every other day
once a month

What do you like or not like about instrumental music
I like the results after practicingThe beauty.I cant understand the reading.It's soothing.i love word paintingit is kinda boringCALMINGI'm indifferent.nothingI love how instrumental music can expres...
Do you think music could be used as an educational tool? Why/not?
Yes, music is a powerful tool. It can connect people.Of course, music is universal. Everyone likes music, it's an easy way to get people interested. Yes.We can learn from everything.Teaching children how to play music builds other important virtues: perseverance, practice, etc.yes. .Pattern detection and creation for prereading skills and math skills could yes. sometimes I memorize things by using some kind of tuneYESMaybe. I mean classical is good to listen to while studying...Im some waysSure! Music expands the mind. Some studies show that listening to music increases intelligent. Whether ...
Number of daily responses


I have used Skype for almost a year now! I first learned how to use it by asking my friends on Facebook what it was, it came installed on my new laptop. I use it to talk to my dad across the country, family in Japan, my friends in the county over, and to discuss class assignments. I love Skype, of course it has its glitches, but it is a great resource in and out of the classroom.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

March 12, 2010

The Alabama Learning Exchange more commonly known as ALEX is a great resource to use for teachers, students, and parents. You can search the podcasts to find something relevant to your search, or find lesson plans on the subject which is great for teachers. There is also a link for Professional Learning. The Professional Learning site gives outside links to resources and tools for "teaching and learning tools."

I have personally used ALEX before this assignment to help me get ideas and tools together to teach a writing course to home schooled students. I have also used this to help me catch up on geometry, so I could tutor one of my students effectively. I have found it very useful for many different situations when just needing something extra to study.
ACCESS Header Image
ACCESS is another interesting tool for high school students in the public school setting. ACCESS stands for Alabama Connecting Classrooms, Educators, and Students Statewide. This program allows for students to take online classes not provided in a regular classroom at their school. It is a distance learning tool, which I think is very exciting! Some of the courses offered is Test Prep, Alabama Graduation Exam help, AP Exam reviews, any kind of math, science, English, foreign language, and health offered in a high school.