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A few snippets to what makes me me... I am a senior at the University of South Alabama. I married the man of my dreams on May 14, 2011. I plan on being a teacher and a learner in all aspects of the world.


Hey guys! You have come across my blog! This blog is for my EDM 310 class with Dr. John Strange at the University of South Alabama. I use it to post my assignments which include comments on various videos, podcasts, and other blogs from around the world! Enjoy!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Comments4kids Week 6

Mr. McCafferty's class made different kinds of salad dips. Three classes participated in the dip making and then the students got to taste each one to find the best! The dips included a variety of raw vegetables and other ingredients to make it a dip, like Philadelphia cheese. The classes looked like they had a great time, and what a way to implement healthy eating in your classroom!! Way to go kids!

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